Saturday 1 May 2021

Frigate Masts and Standing Rigging

With the frigate's hull painted and electronics installed I've been able to get on with putting the masts on. 

I've been more extensive with the mast structure than I have with my previous ships and have been trying to get it closer to reality. With that in mind I designed my own fighting tops for the fore and main masts. These are an option in the Blood and Plunder frigate and can hold 4 models each, which I'm pleased to say mine do, just!

I also managed to get the standing rigging completed. 

Next it's on to the ratlines and futtock shrouds. I like how it looks so far so much that I'm concerned I might mess it up when I try these, but I'll see. It's easy enough to remove any mess I make and re-do the shrouds.

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