Tuesday 27 April 2021

Frigate Electronics (Weekly Update #10)

This week I learned that we've actually got a date for our first game day at Dales Wargames since early 2020! Assuming that we don't go into lockdown again that is! I will be running Blood and Plunder with any luck. With that in mind it's full-speed-ahead with the Frigate.

Tonight I finished putting the electronics in the Frigate. This obviously isn't absolutely necessary for use with Blood and Plunder but I thought it would be fun.

It's all based around a Raspberry Pi Pico with Bluetooth adapter and a mini MP3 Player. There's a lot of blu-tac in there holding wires in place. I haven't decided whether to replace it or leave it in. Blu-tac does have the advantage that I can remove it fairly easily!

Next I need to start on the masts and rigging.

I've had both my 3D printers busy creating an OpenLOCK based tavern using the Clorehaven sets. I've had a bar and kitchen for a while now and nowhere to put them. This sorts that out!

There's still quite a bit to print, but here it is so far.

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