Sunday 25 September 2016

Frostgrave 4-way game. City Ready for Derby!

With Derby World Wargames coming up next weekend, the city making has been going at full steam, as you will have seen in the previous blog posts.

Today I was lucky enough to have arranged to have a game with my friend Ed and his son Henry. Along with my son, we made it a 4-way game of Frostgrave in the city so far.

There's very little more to be done to it now, though I do have another building in progress at the moment.

Anyway, it was a great game. We used the teleporter disc scenario and as a result it was complete mayhem. High points of the battle were Henry managing to Mind Control several soldiers, Ed spraying all around him with a scatter shot, Brendan's Templar putting paid to Ed's wizard some time later and the rather scary grenades that my Enchanter liked throwing.

Remember that we'll be at Derby World Wargames at Donington Park Saturday and Sunday next weekend if you want to play. Bring your own (painted) warband or borrow one of the ones we'll have ready made.

Saturday 24 September 2016

Scatter for Frostgrave and the completed Gothic Church

With the Derby World Wargames show coming up soon I've been busy creating more terrain for the Frostgrave games we'll be running there.

First up some miscellaneous scatter made with Hirst Arts.

I also completed the Hirst Arts Gothic Church, adding stained glass windows, a door and lighting.

Oh and of course these are all pictured on 4 new 1 foot square baseboards.

Monsters for Frostgrave and Kings of War

I've just completed few more monsters to add to my collection. Some specifically for use with Frostgrave, some with Kings of War as well.

First of all the "Violent Fungus"...

... then there's the Zombie Trolls...

and finally I realised that I didn't have a Vampire, but I found this old Hammerhead figure in my collection...

Wednesday 14 September 2016

Even more Monsters and Hirst Arts stuff for Frostgrave

There's been a bit of a gap since my last post. My excuse is that I've been very busy re-enacting! 

Having said that I have made a few new bits.

First up I've completed the water features on the Frostgrave boards.

Second I created a few new smaller terrain items.

Last, but not least, I've completed a few extra monsters for Frostgrave. A few Wargames Factory skeleton warriors, and three models from Reaper Bones: Ettin (to be used as a two-headed troll; Basilisk and Minotaur.