Sunday 26 June 2016

There's no stopping me! More Dungeon...

Well, actually there is some stopping me, or at least slowing me down.

With the creation of a few more dungeon bits I've just run out of basic fieldstone blocks. (Well I have 3 left actually).

Not to worry though, there's more being cast up and dried right now!

The bit in the middle will be filled with water.

"There are some who call me... Tim"

Like many I've been a massive fan of Monty Python and the Holy Grail since I first saw it back in 1990. So when I saw the Medieval Mayhem range from Studio Miniatures I had to have a few.

Having been caught out by scale creep issues previously from various manufacturers I wasn't about to plump for much from them, so instead I thought I'd just get the one miniature to test the scale. I decided to go for their "The Sorcerer" miniature, which has slightly more than a passing resemblance to Tim the Enchanter, one of my favourite characters from the film.

Well I've just finished him and I'm very happy indeed. The detail is crisp and the sculpting excellent and in proportion.

He'll fit in fine next to my Perry War of the Roses or my dark ages miniatures, Crusader Norman as an example. Both pictured below.

And with an old Citadel Brettonian crossbowman.

Friday 24 June 2016

Deadzone Pathfinders

I picked up a sprue of Deadzone Pathfinders at the Mantic Open Day a few weeks ago. The D.O.G. was painted a few weeks ago and has already been used. I got the Pathfinders themselves finished last night.

It was odd going back to painting a few miniatures after working on all those Hirst Arts buildings.

Next up I have to start work on the base boards for the Frostgrave games we'll be running at the Derby World Champs in October.

Wednesday 22 June 2016

Hirst Arts Walkway Building. Complete!

It's finished and I'm really happy about how it's come out.

It's ready for the next Frostgrave game on Monday.

Here you can see the building with the two towers and in various combinations with some of the walkways I've built,

(And I hadn't noticed... this is my 100th Post!)

Saturday 18 June 2016

Hirst Arts Walkway Building. Work in Progress 2

The actual build is complete, on to the undercoat tomorrow night when everything is completely dry.

I had to fill in some large gaps that appeared during the build with all-purpose filler. I also decided to add some internal walls and sanded some pieces to make window sills.

Tuesday 14 June 2016

Hirst Arts Walkway Building. Work in Progress

I've been working on the building I designed in sketchup for quite a few nights now. It's all starting to come together rather well so I thought I'd share a few in-progress photos.

There's one more floor to make and the raised areas above. It's been quite difficult to ensure that it all comes apart as planned.

Luckily it fits in quite well with the existing walkways. Though I have a fair number of gaps to fill in the stonework.

Monday 6 June 2016

4" Round Fieldstone Tower

And so my Hirst Arts projects continue...

I've just finished a 4" round tower. For this one I wimped out and followed the standard Hirst Arts guide almost exactly. I just went for one of the alternate arrangements of the arrow slits.

Now I've done this one I think I understand the round tower mould enough to be successful in making the building I designed in my previous post.