Sunday 29 November 2015

Ogres and Sea Monsters

It's been a few weeks since I posted anything, sorry! This mostly because I was sent to lands far away by my work. Anyway I'm back now and am able again to post my progress.

First up are a few of the "Monsters of the Sea" for man-o-war. I'm really pleased with how these lovely little models came out. So far I've only used the Megaladon (giant shark) but I'm sure I'll be using the other three soon enough. I also extended my Empire fleet with a second Greatship, meaning that finally after 20 years I have some flexibility to my choice of Imperial ships for a 1000pt fleet.

The other thing I've been working on this month is my Ogres for Kings of War and these are another reason why I haven't got much done as I find the ogres quite a chore to paint, though I do love the results! I added a unit of shooters and a standard bearer. This is starting to look like an army...

Monday 2 November 2015

Dungeon Saga Heroes

I've had my Kickstarter copy of Dungeon Saga for almost a week now. In that time I've played 7 games and won just one of them!

The first 4 games were against my 9-year-old son and the most recent 3 against my friend Andy at COGS.

After the first few games it came apparent to me that playing with unpainted models just wasn't going to do. The was especially true with the heroes in their blue plastic. I finished painting those just in time for Andy to use them against me tonight.

Here they all are...

Along with the rest of the game they are very nice indeed. Good sculpts with good detail. Though maybe not quite as clean casts as the ones in the advertising shots. Still, I didn't have to remove any mould lines to get them in the state they are now.

You may have noticed I have re-based them. This is so that I can use them in non-dungeon based games as well.

Kings of War Big Game Hereward Wargames Show Peterborough

Another Sunday, another big Kings of War game...

This time at Hereward Wargames Show in Peterborough.

After a 2 hour drive through fog we got our 14ft by 6ft table set up and fully deployed before the public were let in. There were just over 10,000 points a side and 7 objectives to fight over.

After 5 and a bit turns Good held 5 objectives and contested the other 2. Evil had no chance to make up the difference and conceded. We'd actually run out of time to play and had to pack up.

The next game will be at Vapnartak in York on 7th February. If anyone want to help out, with or without models, then please contact me.