Thursday 30 October 2014

Big Flames of War D-Day Game... 2011

So trawling through my old photos I found another gem of a big game.  This one was a Flames of War D-Day landings battle which we played in 2011.

It took place over two 12 foot by 4 foot tables. One table represented the beaches and a small town and the other an inland area suitable for airborne landings. Troops could travel off one table onto the other along defined roads.

If I remember right, the allies didn't manage to complete the required objectives in time. The airborne troops suffered from being mis-dropped and under heavy fire and the amphibious landings were stalled by German resistance. After a day's play it was decided that the Axis forces had won victory.

Lord of the Rings Big Game from COGS 2005

Back in 2005, something special happened at was to be the last ever COGS Show. 

Eighteen Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game fanatics from the fan site "The Last Alliance" got together and put on a huge Lord of the Rings game. The game spanned a table representing the whole of Middle Earth and involved hundreds of lord of the rings miniatures.

Here are a few photos of that game...

Wednesday 29 October 2014

WAB to DBA/FOG MDF Base Conversion

A little project I've been working on... 

A number of us at COGS now have 28mm ancient/medieval armies based up on the Warhammer standard. i.e. 20mmx20mm bases for infantry and 25mmx50mm for cavalry. However we've been looking at various possible rules we could use them with. At the moment we've been using Kings of War and Warhammer Ancient Battles, but I've been looking around and have seen many other rule sets we could use.

Many are around that use the Warhammer basing standard, War and Conquest, Clash of Empires, etc. The other main standard appears to be that of the WRG systems WRG itself, DBA, DBM and has been used by other systems including Field of Glory. This system works on elements of 60mm base width and varying depth and numbers of figures. 

Tuesday 28 October 2014

Early War Flames of War game at COGS.

The Flames of War game on Monday was an early war battle between my Soviet Fast Tank Battalion and Martin's British Rifles.

At first glance this would seem a silly match up. But in fact if Churchill had got his way it could have happened. He wanted to send assistance to the Finns in order to resist the Soviet offensive but wasn't allowed to.

The game was No Retreat and was a close run thing. We ran out of time but at the end I had units in the objective and still quite a few of my tanks were active. I'd started with 25 in total.

A high point for me was when my massive infantry company finally managed to cross the hill just in front of the closest objective.

Backgound image... Soviet Horde!

I struggled to find a background image for the blog and in the end thought that a nice image of my Flames of War Soviet horde would be good. This was from a few years ago and I've extended the army quite dramatically since then.

Here it is more clearly in order that it can be viewed better.

Starting the Blog...

So a blog... what's going on here. Bandwagon jumping basically.

I've been posting photos of my wargaming activity on Facebook for some time now. However there are limitations to that platform. Not least the security aspects and the lack of control. So having seen loads of others using blogs for showing off what they've been up to I thought I'd do the same.

Of course I'm not the type to write diaries, in fact I have never kept one, and blogs are a bit like a diary so the chances are this will lead nowhere and soon be forgotten.

So, here goes....