Friday 25 March 2016

Ogre Berserker Braves, Warlock and Red Goblin Blaster

This month my painting oath was smaller than I originally planned. This was due to becoming rather obsessed with doing a project with a Raspberry Pi Zero. However I didn't give up completely and did in fact get a bit done for Kings of War.

The completed models are a regiment of Berserker Braves, a Warlock to go with them and a Red Goblin Blaster. The first two work together in the rules, the last one is a an option in the Ogre army that is rarely if ever taken as it tends to be a two edged sword... A wagon loaded up with explosives becomes a major target for enemy shooting and is likely to do more damage to it's own units than the enemy. I just had to have such a silly unit in my collection. I expect it'll only get used in the big games!

Sunday 6 March 2016

"My Kings of War Armies so far" an update for 2016

Back in November 2014, I posted photos of all the Kings of War armies that I'd amassed at that point.

Well it's been 16 months since then and I've been very busy...

To be honest, those are not actually all mine. The Undead at the back are actually Brendan's though I did help him paint them.

Click read more for some close-ups...

Hammerhead Kings of War Big Game 2016

Another show... another Kings of War big game. We're getting quite experienced at this now.

7 players on a 14 foot x 6ft table, approx 14,500 points each side. Setup began at 8am and we'd packed up and left by 5pm. 6 turns were played in total.

At the end of their turn 6, Good had 4 objectives to Evil's none with 3 contested. By the end of their turn 6, evil had made it a 2-2 draw still with 3 objectives contested.

The game was a very mobile one with objectives in both side's rears being taken or contested.

Stars of the game were Martin's Reaper Bones Bone Giant

and Andy's Zulus complete with Zebra Centaurs and Rhino Riders.

Next stop... Salute.

(BTW, I just updated the Big Game Rules that we use for these games... they were a little out of date.)