Sunday 27 December 2015

Frostgrave - Preparation...

So for Christmas amongst many other things I got a copy of Frostgrave. I'd asked for this as I realised that with the collection of miscellaneous fantasy and medieval miniatures I have I'd have no problems at all building a warband. I'm hoping that others at COGS will follow suit!

I also already had quite a bit of terrain that I could use, though possibly not quite enough. I decided to add to it with a few laser-cut MDF buildings. These also arrived Christmas day and I've just had time to build them up and add slate roofs to a couple. The new buildings are from Stonk GamesTimeline Miniatures and Warbases. They were all chosen based on the level of detail in the kits and the good value for money (especially with Stonk Games!)

My first game of Frostgrave is booked for Sunday 3rd January. I should hope to have the new buildings finished by then.

In the pictures that follow, I've set everything up (well almost everything, there are a few more bits and bobs) to see how it all fits together and whether I have enough. Well I'm sure I have enough. The board is 4ft x 4ft and is actually the same one as I used for Necromunda. I think I may have to do a new board that has a cobble effect or similar at some point, but for the moment this will do just fine.

Of course now I have myself a medieval/fantasy city I can do a lot more than just play Frostgrave!

Internals of Stonk Games Town House.

Timeline Miniatures Market Hall:

Internals of Stonk Games Hovel

Timeline Miniatures Saxon Church... 

Top floor of Timeline Miniatures Bastle House

Thursday 10 December 2015

Man O'War Nurgle Plagueship

Well I'm not entirely sure how I managed this, but I did have a day off work and there is less detail on the Plagueship than on the Plaguecrushers, but still I'm rather pleased with myself!

No sooner have I posted the completed pictures of the Plaguecrushers than I have finished the Plagueship as well.

Next up the is Khorne Bloodship.

Wednesday 9 December 2015

Man O'War Nurgle Plaguecrushers

I've now started working on my Man O'War Chaos fleet. This will consist of a mix of ships from different Chaos powers, primarily Nurgle and Khorne for the moment.

The first ships to be completed are the Nurgle Plaguecrushers. I've gone for a slightly different colour scheme from the standard and have missed out the purple which is normally a primary colour on these ships as I don't like it much. Instead there are more muted tones, yellows and browns that I feel work with Nurgle better than the purple.

After this I'll do the Nurgle Plagueship as this will have a similar colour scheme.