Sunday 30 October 2016

Frostgrave at Fiasco

Another show... Fiasco this time. A great day of games, many happy players and lots of kind comments.

This saw the premier use of my new water based dungeon piece. It's actually not quite finished yet and when it is I'll post a more detailed blog about it.

Monday 24 October 2016

Man O'War Chaos Fleet Complete

A couple of weeks ago myself and Steve got a game of Man O'War in. We'd stopped playing for a while as we'd found that we never got games finished in a COGS night. Well this time we managed far better despite Steve being very late we got the game finished in plenty of time. The reason being was that we used a scenario.

After the game we decided that we really should play it more and I looked at my box of ships. If we were going to play then I was determined to get the Chaos fleet painted for the game. So with that in mind we set a date and that date has made sure that the fleet has been completed in plenty of time.

In addition to the Plagueship and 3 Plaguecrushers I had before the full fleet consists of 3 Nurgle Deathgalleys, a Bane Tower of Tzeentch for my Chaos Wizard to sit in and a Khorne contingent consisting of a Bloodship and 3 Khorne Deathgalleys. The Deathgalleys are actually just converted plastic Wargalleys from the basic set.

I'm really pleased how its come out!

Sunday 23 October 2016

Water Elementals

In my Kings of War Forces of Nature army I've been trying to get a horde of each of the elemental types. Fire I sculpted myself; Earth I built out of cork boulders; and Air I made out of felting cotton.

I've been struggling to make Water elementals. I did try scultping some myself with the intention of casting them in transparent resin, but I'm not a good enough sculptor.

I've been doing all the water effects for my Frostgrave terrain using Vallejo water effects. Doing this gave me the idea of how to make some!

I've used some blister plastic and coated it with some of the Vallejo transparent water. I was really happy with the result, though I noticed that where I bent the blister pack the creases showed through. To try to hide this I've given the elementals a quick dry brush with white paint. I think it's worked!

Now I need to make another 3 to finish the horde.

Tuesday 18 October 2016

Frostgrave Demo/Participation at Fiasco, 30th October.

I'll be running some Frostgrave participation games with other members of COGS at Fiasco next weekend, Sunday 30th October.

Come along and say hello!

I'll have all the Hirst Arts terrain I've been making recently as part of the display and it's a good chance to get a game of Frostgrave on it. If you like you can bring your own Warband along or use one we've provided. We'll have games for both new and experienced Frostgrave players.

Sunday 2 October 2016

Derby Wargames Frostgrave Debreif

Wow! What a weekend!

Going with a new display to a show is always a bit of an unknown. Will people come and play, will it be popular?

This time I need not have worried! We were busy almost the whole weekend. Lots and lots of people played, many new to the game, some already experienced players. All went home with a little gift from Osprey.

There were many very kind comments about the terrain and miniatures, and I spent a lot of time explaining how the terrain was made or the details of the rules of Frostgrave.

This all couldn't have been possible without the help of Jeff, Andy, Gerald and Brendan. Thanks guys!