Kings of War Big Game Rules

Army Building Phase

  1. Players will attend the game with pre-defined army lists. Any points value is possible. No Magic Artefacts may be taken. 
  2. The sides will be made even (as best they can) with an Evil/Neutral side and a Good/Neutral side. Each side will consist of several armies.
  3. The ally rules are used so units from army cannot inspire units from others and friendly magic may not be cast on units from allied armies.

Setup Phase

  1. Place Objectives, this can be done by a referee or by the players placing alternately. The number of objectives can be any agreed number. We usually have 7 on a 14ft x 6ft table.
  2. Choose two table edges that players enter from. The edges must be at least 4ft apart. I'd recommend 6ft apart to allow for manoeuvring. Any more than this and you won't be able to reach the middle of the table. 
  3. One player from each side rolls a dice. Re-roll ties. The player rolling the higher number chooses which side of the table to deploy on.

Patrol Phase

  1. Each side chooses a single unit from each of the armies on their side to perform the patrol moves. 
  2. Roll for who starts performing patrol moves. 
  3. Each side then takes turns performing patrol moves. Patrol moves alternate between sides. During each patrol move they may either:
    1. Choose one of their patrolling units and move it in from their table edge up to 8”.
    2. Move a patrolling unit that is already on the table a further 8”. 
    3. If all their patrolling units are on the table a player may pass if they wish.

    When a patrolling unit ends it's move within 24” of another unit both units are locked down and may not move further during the Patrol Phase. Mark the units with a counter so that this is obvious,
    Continue until all units are locked down or both sides decide to pass.

Deployment Phase

  1. All players get ready to deploy the remaining units.
  2. "Start Deploying" is signalled by the referee. 
  3. It's a free-for-all. Everyone deploys their units as fast as they can. Be careful, nobody wants broken models!
    1. All units must be placed within 24" of another unit from their army. To start off this will be the patrolling unit from that army, but after that it can be any unit from that army.
    2. No unit can be placed within 24" of an enemy unit. This means if a player is clever then they can land-grab during deployment, but note that you can never deploy within 24" of an enemy patrolling unit. This is why they are marked with counters.
  4. Remove all patrolling unit counters.

Play the game

  1. Roll off to see who chooses to have the first turn.
  2. It is suggested that if someone has finished moving, shooting or melee for the units under their command that they move along and help someone else so as to ensure the game does not stall.
  3. There is no turn limit. Instead play until time has run out for the game or it is obvious that one side has won.
  4. A side controls an objective if at the end of the game they have at least one unit within 3″ of it and there are no enemy units within 3″ of it. Units with the Individual special rule are always ignored from the point of view of controlling objectives. A single unit can control any number of objectives. The winner is the side that controls the most objectives.
(Updated 15th March 2016)

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