Saturday 27 August 2016

Frostgrave City Boards - Work in Progress - drybrush complete

So, it's been pretty quiet this month. August always is for me. Re-enacting takes over. Having said that there has been progress...

The Hirst Arts Gothic Church has gained a roof (it still needs windows and a door) and the Frostgrave city boards have progressed to having had their dry brushing stage completed. Next I need to detail the "canal" and also work out what to do with the garden? bits next to the slope.

I've just tried it out with some of the buildings I normally use and I think it looks pretty good. Though I think I need to make some stone walls and probably a few things like fountains and wells.

This is all being prepared for Frostgrave participation/demo games at the Derby World Wargames Show and the Fiasco show in Leeds.

Wednesday 3 August 2016

Progress with Dungeon and Gothic Church

I've been busy upgrading the dungeon to work with Into The Breeding Pits. The missing parts needed were the 8 entrance ways, two on each side.

I've not quite finished them yet, they are still unpainted, but since I had some time last night I've built up the dungeon layout with all the new bits ready for the games on Monday night at COGS. I should have them ready by then.

I also got the Gothic church painted... It's still not ready though as it has no roof!