Thursday 22 December 2016

Lion Rampant 3 way game

Sunday afternoon meant a game against my friend Ed. We'd had a Lion Rampant game planned for some time and I'd built up new models for my Wars of the Roses army and the medieval wagons I posted earlier so we could play the convoy mission.

However Ed brought his son, Henry, along as well and so a slight change of plan was needed. After a quick google I found that others had had some success with three player Lion Rampant. The modification needed was to sort out the turn sequence. It seemed popular to use playing cards to designate each player's turn. One for each player drawn randomly to designate the turn order then reshuffled and repeated.

The scenario would require a little more work as I still wanted to use the wagons. In the end each wagon was assigned to a player and the players had to get as many wagons as they could off the opposing side of the table from their starting position.

I also decided to put quite a few more buildings in than I normally see in a game of Lion Rampant. I have quite a collection now since I've been building up my Frostgrave city board and I fancied seeing how the game worked through more built-up terrain. We ruled that no models could go inside buildings.

Ed used his own force of Fireforge medievals whereas myself and Henry used my Perry Wars of the Roses. I picked Lord Fauconberg's retinue and that left Henry with Edward IV. I just had enough models to do 24 points of each, though Henry had no fast moving troops.

It looked like Ed would have the easiest job as he had the shortest route since he started on one of the long edges. But it was not to be. He found himself sandwiched between mine and Henry's troops and all but wiped out before I found a way around the back of Henry's forces. Unfortunately for Henry his slow army and having to move through the town meant he didn't get very far.

Eventually Henry's forces were wiped out and I captured his wagon. We ran out of time and had to rule that myself and Ed would have got the wagons we held off the table without further combat. This meant I had 4 glory from those and Ed had 2. In the end after boasts were taken into account that left myself on positive points, Ed on zero and Henry unfortunately on negative points.

We all agreed that the game had been great fun with some especially tense moments as troops fought amongst the town.

Thursday 15 December 2016

Lower Abyssal Horde

The army I chose in the Kings of War 2nd Edition Kickstarter was Abyssals. It was the Mega Army, so there's quite a big box of them. The box has been sat on the floor of my room for over a year now.

Finally I've got around to starting the army and I feel like I've started it well.

I painted up 38 Lower Abyssals for a horde base, which should officially take 40. I've actually only fit 26 on, as you can see they're fairly closely packed. The closeness is why this is my first ever proper multi-based unit. I am convinced that Mantic were a little confused and made the Lower Abyssals to fit on 25mm bases rather than the 20mm bases that are prescribed by the rules.

Anyway, I'm really happy with them, and also with the lighting effects thanks to Zinge Industries.

I now want to do a second horde of them as I have so many spare! Unfortunately I only bought one horde base so that will have to wait. There's plenty of other models to paint in the army in the mean time.


Tuesday 6 December 2016

Wagons, Labourers and Clergy

I've had these sat ready to paint for over a year and decided it was about time I got them done. Again an upcoming game spurred me into action.

Anyway, what we have here is a set of 3 medieval wagons. One is from the Perry's Wars of the Roses range and 2 are from Irregular Miniatures. I've made them with interchangeable loads. These will be used in a game of Lion Rampant next weekend.

Next up are the labourers. These again are from the Perry's Wars of the Roses range.

Last, but certainly not least, are the clergy. There's a monk and priest and a bishop. I figure that as well as being useful objectives in games like Lion Rampant they'd make fun alternate "wizards" in games of Kings of War. They're from Irregular Miniatures.