Saturday 26 August 2017

Plague Ready for Warpath:Firefight

One of the great things about Deadzone, as well as it being a great game in itself, is that Mantic have made their new system, Warpath (and Firefight it's skirmish ruleset) completely compatible with the same models.

This has meant that it's been a doddle to extend my existing Deadzone Plague collection to make a usable force for Firefight.

I've just completed the few models I needed to make myself a 1000pt (actually 999) force ready for a my first game next Monday. The force might be completely rubbish. I have no idea. It's just what I managed to make up using as many of the painted models I already had.

The force consists of:
  • 3rd Gens
    • 3x 3rd Gen
    • 2x Dog/Swarm
    • 2x 3rd Gen Flamethrower
  • 3rd Gens
    • 3x 3rd Gen
    • 2x Dog/Swarm
    • 1x 3rd Gen Grenade Launcher
    • 1x 3rd Gen HMG
  • 3rd Gens Mortar Battery
    • 4x 3rd Gen
    • 1x 3rd Gen Mortar Team
  • 3x 2nd Gen "Leapers"
  • 20x Plague Zombies
  • 1x Aberration
  • 1x Strider
  • 1x Teraton
  • 1x 1st Gen Mutant