Blücher House Rules


We've come up with a few house rules that we've been using in our games of Blücher at COGS.
I'd love to hear any feedback anyone has on these!

Quick Scharnhorst

Scharnhorst, the campaign system for Blücher is brilliant, it produces interesting battles fairly quickly. Unfortunately in the 3 hours we have for an evening's play at COGS it's hard enough to get any Blücher  game finished, never mind a Scharnhorst game. With there only being a single pickup scenario in the rulebook something was needed to make a quick scenario that would be fun to play in the 3 hours we have.

The system we've come up with produces a scenario that is not dissimilar to one generated with Scharnhorst. It's quite random and not at all fair, but we've had a lot of fun with it. If you find something just doesn't make sense or seems very unfair when using this system just change the result! 
  1. Players split their armies into columns as per normal Scharnhorst: Minimum 3 columns, max 5. The limit on the number of units in each column depends on points being played as normal. (Ideally do this before arriving at the venue, and use cards.)
  2. Choose the map, random or other method. We generally base it on the armies being used.
  3. Choose a random attacker start location on the map. Column: 1d6+1. Row 1d4: 1=B, 2=C, 3=D, 4=E. (If it produces a location with a city, town or village then re-roll).
  4. Choose a random table orientation. 1d4:








  5. Place Mandatory Terrain as per the chosen map.
  6. Roll off D6s (with modifiers French:+1 British:-1). Highest roll is Attacker. Lowest roll is Defender. On a tie re-roll. 
  7. Attacker chooses one column and places on start location on map. To do this take the stack of unit cards and just put them somewhere on the table section face-down.
  8. Attacker places a second column on the table. It must be diagonally adjacent to his first and cannot be on a VP location. (It is possible that this may be impossible on the map. If so attacker does not get to place their second column at this time.) 
  9. Alternate placing other columns either on table or adjacent (as reinforcements), starting with the Defender. Remember that each table section and table section edge (for reinforcements) can only have one column in it.
  10. Setup optional terrain (Attacker gets first choice) as normal with Scharnhorst.
  11. Armies are setup in their table sections as normal in Scharnhorst.
  12. Place VP objectives on cities (3VPs), towns (2VPs) and villages (1VP).
  13. Beginning turn number is determined by 3d6. If even number then round down to the closest odd number, so Attacker always has first turn. For Reinforcement Rolls take first turn as effectively turn number 1.
  14. Begin play.
We're looking into how to handle draws, maybe with a second day of battle... 

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