Monday 31 January 2022

Preparations for Blood and Plunder Participation game at Hammerhead 2022

Yesterday we ran some trial games in preparation for our Blood and Plunder participation game which will be run at Hammerhead 2022 on  Saturday 5th March.

The table will be around 12ft long with two small land battles and a sea battle in the middle. The game will be suited to players with no previous experience of Blood and Plunder.

Sunday 23 January 2022

Kings of War - Sylvan Kin - New Formation

So since we're back at the club now I've started to think about playing Kings of War again. I've decided to concentrate on my Sylvan Kin army and have had a couple of games now using the new Clash of Kings 2022 book. 

So far it's been great with a wonderful synergy between the elves and the trees and the wide availability of the Scout rule has made it a really fast and scary army, up in the face of the enemy right on turn 1.

Of course there's a formation in the list and it looked interesting to me. But it needed two units I didn't have. Forest Guard and Boskwraiths. 

Looking at the stats and fluff I could see that Forest Guards were basically elves with sword and shield (and a little extra). The Boskwraiths seemed to be elves dual-wielding swords. I decided I could do conversions to make these models.

The Forest Guards I made from some of my spare, already painted bowmen and spearmen. I had far too many. It was a simple case of replacing their weapons with swords. Some were spares from the elf sprues and others 3D printed.

The Boskwraiths I used some new untouched sprues of Gladestalkers I got for Christmas and replaced their bows with swords in the same way.

The King is just the same Elf King model I've been using for years...