Sunday 21 December 2014

COGS Kings of War Big Game Dec 2014

Today was the COGS/GCN bash at the Sanctuary Gaming Centre. We'd been wanting to play a big game for some time and this was our chance. We managed to put together around 9500 points per side with Dwarves, Nature and Men versus Undead, Orcs and Twilight Kin.

Tuesday 9 December 2014

Mantic December Painting Oath Progress

Over on the Mantic Madness Facebook page there is a month challenge. At the start of each month members of the group pledge to paint any number of models they choose. As long as the models are going to be used in a Mantic game they can be anything. At the end of the month they must have posted photos of the painted models. If they have they are declared an Oathkeeper, if not they are declared an Oathbreaker.

This month I've been painting 9 Mantic Ogres. As with previous months I was careful to not bite off more than I could manage, but I was quite amazed to get these done as quickly as I have. There seemed to be so much detail. But as usual once I've broken the back of a paint job the remainder flows very quickly to completion.

The Ogres will be used in my Kings of Men army for Kings of War.

Here are a few photos:

Kings of War Game from a couple of weeks ago

A couple of weeks ago I played a game of Kings of War using my Dark Ages Kings of Men army against my son's Undead horde. Finally I get around to loading the images...

As you can see it's still early days with the painting of his army but what he has got done looks great. I of course helped quite a bit. :)

The game was just a simple "Kill" game without any objectives. In the end we got a draw.

In the first turn my army advances. My knights and Griffon on the left flank counter his Revenant Cavalry and two Spear Phalanx. On the other flank the house produces a bottleneck with the zombie horde proceeding very slowly forward.