Saturday 21 February 2015

KoW Elf Army Progress

Some more progress has been made with the Elf Army. A regiment of spears and a troop of scouts. Also I forgot to photograph the Elf King and Mage Queen I got painted for Vapnartak.

Also there are a few denizens of the woods that can join in...

Sunday 15 February 2015

Lion Rampant Dark Ages Skirmish

Yesterday I had a trip down to Caliver Books with my friend Ed. Whilst he had a particular purchase in mind I was really going just to see what the place was like. I did however come back with something, a copy of the Osprey Dark Ages skirmish rules "Lion Rampant". I started reading it on the way back home and the snippets I read to Ed made us both quite excited about it.

Anyway, the chance game for a game today, though not against Ed, but instead against my friend Craig. I took along my Normans and Tony's old Vikings and we set up a 24 point a side game. We played on a 4ft x 4ft nicely landscaped table with the addition of my one dark ages building and a selection of trees, bushes, fields and hedges. Following the book's recommendation we played the initial scenario "Bloodbath".

Friday 6 February 2015

Kings of War Elf Army - Drakon Riders

I decided pretty much from the first time I saw them in the flesh that my elf army would have to have Drakon Riders in them. I decided on a theme that my elves would have small dragons in preference to horses for their cavalry.

Even though many people regard the Drakon Rider sculpts as one of the worse things that Mantic has produced, I love 'em. I guess it's the idea of little dragons that I like the most about them. I don't have any problems at all with their lack of arms or front legs. And I've come to like the lock-jaw of their grimaces. So it had to be the proper Mantic Drakon Riders for me.

Unfortunately that then produced a problem. Aparently Mantic managed to break the mould sometime in 2014 (some say on purpose) and there have been no Drakon Riders available on the webstore or for that matter anywhere else I could find. I managed a pick up a couple second hand from a friend, but needed more. So I put a request out on a few Facebook groups and within a fortnight I had 4 more to make the numbers up to 6. Along with a Elf Lord on Drakon, which is available on Ebay and a few shops I had enough for my army.

I have been painting the first three of these this week and my first quandary was colour. I did consider contrasting colours to make them stand out against my elves, but my elves are already quite bright and so I decided to go the other way and have them more subdued. So I've ended up with a a darker green highlighted with sea grey.

Sunday 1 February 2015

Big Kings of War game at Vapnartak

Today I had the pleasure of putting on a large Kings of War game at Vapnartak along with a couple of friends. It was short notice as we were filling in for a game that couldn't make it, but with things in progress for the game at Hammerhead later in the month we were able to put on a good show.

On a 11ft x 6ft table we used 2 armies of 5,500 pts each. Fighting for Good there was the Dwarves and Elves along with a large contingent of Kings of Men. For Evil we had Orcs, Undead and Nature. We decided on 6 objective markers and used the same scouting system for deployment we used for the game last December. Again that system worked well and gave us an interesting battle line.