Sunday 16 September 2018

Habour 1/1200. Napoleonic Naval, etc... Part 3

So, the plastering is complete...

I've given it a light sanding to smooth the plaster a little especially where buildings will be placed and glued sand on areas to texture it.

Wednesday 12 September 2018

Habour 1/1200. Napoleonic Naval, etc... Part 2

The extra buildings from Brigade Models arrived on Monday and I set to putting them in place. At first I thought they were way to small in comparison with the Langtons and whilst to a degree I think that is true I have managed an arrangement where I don't think that's too bad.

In order to get the buildings to sit flat on the slopes I've glued some pieces of card into areas I cut out of the polystyrene.

Last night I applied some filler to the polystyrene to make cliffs and smooth out the hills. I've decided after that to add two higher bits to the top of the hill. These will have filler applied tomorrow night.

Lion Rampant - Little Smelling... 3 Player Battle Report

This weekend the three of us decided we'd like to play Lion Rampant. I looked around online and found this 3 player scenario: "Find the Lady 3 Player Lion Rampant Game on Graham's Wargames".

After a little bit of looking through our figure collections and we found that we had enough of the right models to play it, though we did vary the 3 retinues very slightly.

The game started with the Mounted Men-at-Arms of Sir Simon and Sir Roger fighting a multi-turn duel, which Sir Simon won, just. Meanwhile Sir William struggled to get anything to move. Eventually the retinues started to reach buildings, but every one was empty. This suited Sir William, who just set them on fire.

Eventually Sir Simon managed to steal the relic from the church (one of the 10 left ears of St Cuthbert known in Christendom) and Sir William found the Heiress in the very last building. He struggled for a while to beat the Militia, but eventually his Foot Men-at-arms routed them. In good time as well! As he retreated with the Heiress Sir Roger reached him with the remains of his Mounted Sergeants but they were beaten off easily.

In the end Sir William (me) won with the Heiress off the table (2 Glory) and 3 buildings burned (3 Glory). Sir Simon (Brendan) was second with the relic (5 Glory), but without the Heiress (-3 Glory). Sir Roger (Ed) looked on at the burned village (-1 Glory) and  looted Church (-1 Glory), and realised the mission for him had been a disaster...

We all enjoyed the scenario thoroughly. Having a real story play out made the normally enjoyable scenarios in Lion Rampant even better and we really want to try something like this again.

We had a couple of minor issues:

  1. Lion Rampant doesn't have rules for buildings. We ruled they would act as Cover and Difficult Terrain.
  2. The Bidowers didn't really do anything. That may have been down to where they were placed however.
Sir William's forces march, haltingly, towards the centre of Little Smelling

Sir Roger's Mounted Sergeants race to the centre of the town.

Sir William's Foot Sergeants manage to speed up a little on their advance. Sir Roger's Mounted Sergeants can be seen coming in from the other side of town The locals wonder if it's time to hide.

Sir Roger's and Sir Simon's Mounted Men-at-arms charge and counter-charge in a whirling melee for many turns.

Sir William's Foot Sergeants sets fire to a building.

Sir William's Mounted Sergeants set fire to another building and his Foot Sergeants find the Heiress.

Sir Simon's forces search each building carefully as they advance into the town.

Having found the Heiress Sir William's Foot Men-at-arms attempt to run only to be caught by the remnants of Sir Roger's Mounted Sergeants.

But they soon repel them and make a run for it.

Sir William's Foot Sergeants form a Schiltron to hold back Sir Simon's forces

Meanwhile Sir Simon's Foot Sergeants manage to sneak off the table with the Left Ear of St Cuthbert.... but is it the real one?

Friday 7 September 2018

Habour 1/1200. Napoleonic Naval, etc... Part 1

About 3 years ago I built myself a piece of coastline with a castle on it for use with 1/1200 Naval games, including Man O'War and Fighting Sail.

Soon after completing that I decided I enjoyed doing it so much that I'd make an extra bit of coast which could be used with the first to make a large island or separately on the edge of a sea board. I decided that I really wanted to try a harbour this time. I ordered some buildings and harbour walls from Langtons and then did nothing with them for 3 years.

Finally I've got around to starting work on it. Things are progressing well with the basic structure in place. The buildings are all just placed in position at the moment as I keep thinking I need more. I did a second order to Langtons and at the moment have an order with Brigade Models for even more. I hope they mix in all right!

I have added in some boats and a brig to populate the harbour. Here's what I have right now. Remember all the buildings and ships, etc, are just placed on at the moment. I will paint them all before gluing on.

Work in progress shots:

Initial Harbour plan

Planning the hardboard cutting

Polystyrene and hardboard cut and glued

Harbour glued in place

Fill in the town street area

Try out placement before deciding more buildings were needed, again!