Thursday 10 May 2018

Gaslands - Monster Truck and Road

I've just finished working on my first Monster Truck. I've stripped this right down and added ram, crew, spikes and some ridiculous exhausts. Then finished it off with rusty flaky paint done using the PVA method and added rust and mud using pigments. My first attempt at using pigments and not my last. I love how it's come out.

I couldn't find any pigments for sale in Sheffield, we're lacking a really good model shop in the town centre these days, so I had to order online. Whilst waiting for those to arrive I got on with making some roads for my board.

I tinkered around with making roads out of cork, either modular or integrated into the board, but in the end went for some carved out of lino self-adhesive floor tiles. I'd found the method on this blog.

This has left me with several 1 foot sections, 6 inch sections, end pieces to allow diagonal placement and a t-junction. I have a couple more pieces that I've not shown in the photos. They're nicely weathered and sort-of post-apocalyptic. I think I need to make a curve or two to finish them off, but getting the lines right is going to be a challenge.

Someone helpfully put a guide to the sizes of US roads in 1/64th scale on the Gaslands Facebook Group, which by-the-way has to be one of the most active wargaming groups on Facebook. I also did some of my own research using the official US government guidelines, available online. The sizes I came up with are for a 2 lane highway: 6" wide total; each lane 2 1/4"; each shoulder 3/4"; lines 2mm wide, white on edge, yellow dashed line in middle: dash length: 1 1/2", gap 4 1/2". The dashed lines adjusted to make them fit on the 1 foot sections.