Saturday 16 December 2023

Blood and Plunder Plastic Sloop and other new plastics

 The Blood and Plunder "Raise the Black" Kickstarter was delivered a couple of months ago and I've finally finished off painting everything I had from it. (More stuff comes at Christmas!).

The last thing was the plastic Bermuda Sloop kit, which was a lot less trouble than the massive galleon. Though I did make a few modifications to the rigging.

There's also Blackbeard, Long-John Silver and a load of Spanish infantry including drummer and artillery crew.

Sunday 3 December 2023

A belated update... almost all of 2023 in one post

So, it's been months and months and months since my last update. Sorry!

After Hammerhead things became busy. So many re-enactment events and so much drone flying. So many drones to repair and YouTube videos to edit. I completely forgot to post things on here even though I was still painting models, though not as many as previously. Plenty of games have been taking place at COGS.

Right now things have calmed down. With the snowy winter properly started I'm stuck inside and now can properly spend time modelling again. 

I've just finished the standing rigging on my latest and largest 3D printed ship for Blood and Plunder. This galleon has been stuck on the floor next to my desk half built for at least 18 months. Anyway it really is starting to take shape now. I've just got the sails to add to it and then I'll be ready for some completely crazy pirate battles.

I've also been painting some Spanish Infantry for Blood and Plunder from the new plastic sets and managed to get a game with those at COGS a few weeks ago.

I've also managed to extend my Plague army for use with Firefight and got a couple of games in. I'm playing again tomorrow night.

For Clash of Kings I built a overly complex display board with a video playing inside a gothic building and colour changing LED lit crystals.

And I managed to fly around the event with one of my drones! Is this the first drone video from a wargames tournament ever? (I didn't do so well in the tourney...)

That's enough for now, I have more projects in progress and will try to remember to post some more photos soon!