Monday 30 July 2018

Man O'War Orcs

My 4th Man O'War fleet has started... This time Orcs.

From what I understand they're not the best of fleets, almost as likely to destroy themselves as the enemy. But that's the fun part!

I've started off with a squadron Drillakillas and a squadron of Bigchukkas. These can be used as allies to my Chaos fleet to start with.

What I really need now is a load of Hulks. These are the best ships in the Orc fleet and with the composition rules I can have 3 of them with these. That's exactly what I intend to get... Then add another Bigchukka squadron and a 4th Hulk and some Wyverns.

Thursday 19 July 2018

Man O'War "Monsters of the Sea" and "Beasts of the Deep"

For Man O'War GW produced two boxes of sea creatures to be used in all fleets in the game. These two boxes together gave 9 models.

Like all of the Man O'War models they are lovely clean sculpts that are a joy to paint. I've now got both sets painted up and ready for use in my games.

Wednesday 18 July 2018

Naval Fortifications

I spotted these 1/1000 Naval Forts on the Brigade Models stand at Robin earlier in the year.  I bought them with the intention of using them as "Shoreforts" for use with Man O'War. A bit nicer than the cardboard templates in the game.

When it came to painting them up I did my usual Google search and found that someone had managed to put cannons on them. These are not usually supplied, but I eventually found them in the "ACW Coastal Forts" section of the Brigade Models shop, here. They're lovely little cannon and despite being obviously too late a design for the fortresses certainly add something.

On painting the forts I could see striations in the surface texture which indicated that these are originally 3d models, despite being cast in resin.

Anyway they painted up lovely and fit in great in our Man O' War games (and also in Napoleonic Naval). I just wish I had reason to buy more of this little scenery. Brigade have such a wonderful range!

After Gaslands at Barrage Wargames Show

Ok... so it's been a couple of weeks... I will attempt to catch up with what has been going on in a few posts...

First up is the Barrage Wargames Show Gaslands Game. This went brilliantly. Very popular indeed on a ludicrously hot day. The game is perfectly suited to a participation game and the rolling deathmatch style worked excellently.

We added a rule that you could come onto the board in any legal Gear rather than being limited to 1st Gear only, but would start with a Hazard for each Gear above Gear 1. So you could join in straight away with the action in Gear Phase 3 by accepting 2 Hazards.

We had a chap videoing his experience playing the game. It's on Youtube here: "Barrage Wargames Show 2018 Stafford"