Monday 2 September 2019

A couple of more games of Vyazma

In the last couple of days We've got another couple of games of the Vyazma scenario in.

I took a few photos and thought I'd share them.

Yesterday was a game against Ed. He was playing Russians and was having some terrible luck with his dice rolls. But then just as he was due to go home his luck changed and he managed to break the last unit he needed to win.

Then tonight I played against Gerald. He again took the Russians. Being a club night we didn't really have enough time to get the game completed as it usually takes around 4 1/2 hours. However he was doing very well and I couldn't see any way I was going to win.

The photos show well how the whole of the board was being used in this battle. It's quite a spectacle!

I've got another 4 games booked in over the next 2 weeks! That really makes the effort to make the terrain worthwhile!

Also, we will be bringing this game to Fiasco in Leeds on 27th October 2019. Come along and say hello!