Wednesday 30 September 2015

Man O'War.. lots going on!

I've been a little obsessed with Man O'War of late.

I managed to get a copy of the Plaguefleet rules and had a good look through it. Worked out that I could convert some spare Imperial Wargalley models I've had for years into Chaos Deathgalleys and have been trawling eBay for ships to go with them. This has taken a while since I am unwilling to pay the massively inflated prices some sellers seem to want. 

Anyway, finally all the ships for the initial Chaos fleet have arrived and I've been having fun assembling them. There's 850 points there so to make it up to the standard 1000pts I'll have to add a bit, but that can be done with Chaos Rewards, or I do have other ideas... 

In addition the second Imperial Greatship arrived which means I'll be able to play a different 1000pt fleet from the one I've been stuck with for the last 20 years.

Of course the Imperial Griffons I just finished painting will also help with the variety.

I can't leave my Dwarves out of it! They also need some variety, and that's where the balloons come in...

... and the Gyrocopters which will be being painted next! I've wanted some of these for years!

Yes, that's a lot of Man O'War...

Edit... as requested some photos of all my Man O'War collection. They are stored in a 4 litre Really Useful box attached to the bottom with Blu Tac.


  1. Nice fleet ! I suggest you use magnets to fix masts in your next models. It avoisd breaking them. A classical problem.

    1. I will bear that in mind, but my Empire fleet has survived 20 years so far without a single broken mast!