Wednesday 16 September 2015

French Napoleonic 80 gun ship

So the last of the unstarted 20-year-old langton ships in my collection has finally been finished. This is an 80 gun French 3rd rate.

And here she is with the rest of my little fleet. I plan to add a 100 gun 1st rate ship to finish off and then start another nationality. I fancy doing Spanish. Of course all that will require another order to langtons.

Edit: Since posting this I have been reliably informed that in fact the hull is British. I'm not sure how that has happened since I don't think I ever bought anything British from Langtons. Also the braces are rigged incorrectly. 

Well she's going to have to stay as she is and be a captured British ship. When I get my next batch from Langtons then I'll get their new rigging guide which has come highly recommended and hopefully then such mistakes will be a thing of the past.


  1. It was indeed a long period in the dock for refitting, but the results are just superb. Great job!

  2. The other order to langtons has just gone in. I'll get the 100 gun French as soon as parcel arrives, but the Spanish will have to wait until I get them as a Christmas present.