Saturday 19 September 2015

Dreadball Mechanites Team (Argh!!!)

When I first srarted Dreadball the team that most interested me was the Robots, so when the Dreadball Xtreme Kickstarter had the Mechanite team in it was going to be my favourite.

It's not my favourite any more....

For this month's Painting Oath I oathed the Ada Lorena team and the Mechanite team. The Ada Lorena team were a breeze to paint. The mechanites somewhat less easy.

First of all I spent 2 or 3 hours pouring over the rules in the Season 5 book trying to get the parts supplied into a team with more than the minium 6 players at 100 points. Even with the use of a spreadsheet this was no easy task. I really hope Mantic have a team builder planned for this team!

Once I decided on the team structure I built up the models. This was fiddly and was not helped since I can't use superglue due to hypersensitivity to the fumes and had to wait for two part expoxy to dry. Then to really annoy me every single glue joint failed. Arms, legs and heads just came apart in my hands.

I switched to another brand of expoxy and also did some pinning and the second time round they stuck together far better. Though still if you pull at a limb it will come off.

So then I started the painting. I decided on a brightly colours scheme with colour coded roles for the players. Part way through I looked at some of the Jacks... Hang on... They didn't have the correct arms to pass the rules... ARGH!! 

So with some changes of limbs to models and the resolution that I'd only have 6 players in the team of 100 points I continued. 

Finally today shortly before writing this post I finished them. They were by far the most painful Dreadball team to date.


  1. I have the mechanites and the mutants and I cannot see me actually using the models for DreadBall. I did toy with the idea of magnetising all the parts, but I'm not sure it would be worth the effort.

  2. I've had a go with the mechanites for a couple of games of DBX. They formed a team along with Firewall, a standard Robot and a Jetari Thrower. They didn't do too bad at all!