Tuesday 6 April 2021

Weekly Update #7

A quick update tonight. Early to bed for me! I've been rather busy digging up a huge tree stump in the garden and then celebrating when I defeated it.

Anyway, so other than the game on Sunday what have I been up to?

First off I've been magnetising my Blood and Plunder minis. I spent ages trying to put magnets on the minis only to have problems where the minis would knock each other over on the battlefield due to the magnets repelling each other. 

After a while of messing looking for weaker magnets and those being too weak I had a head slapping moment. I have swapped my usual arrangement and moved the magnetized strips to the boxes and put steel washers on the bases of the models, with a small 3d printed washer to make up the difference in size. This works perfectly and is a lot cheaper!

Also I started painting the next Caribbean/Spanish building....

... and made some rocky outcrops for the sea...

... and finally I got my frigate printed, with hollowed out hull for the electronics.


  1. Your 'Blood and Thunder' pirate games look very impressive: Are you planning to put on a game at Hammerhead 2021 in Newark at the end of July...? Please! ;-)

    1. I wish I could. Unfortunately I can't get to Hammerhead on its new date this year. I may see about other shows. Any suggestions?