Tuesday 30 March 2021

Weekly Update #6

Last week I spotted a new set on the Printable Scenery site "Arcanist’s Stone Canal Walls". I immediately saw their potential as something a little different. 

I've been looking for something to build a harbour wall for my Medieval city tiles. It would need to be modular and come in inch units. The previous harbour wall produced by Printable Scenery for some reason was a bit random in dimensions and so I had been working on my own. However this new set has pieces from 4 inches long down to 1/2 inch and is Open Lock. Perfect.

I printed some out and then added the wooden jetties from the "Age of Pirates" set, since I've had that set for a while. I then realised that I could use my already printed city wall as a harbour fortification, but I'd need a new tower to go on the end. I printed a Rampage Castle tower over the weekend.

Tonight was the chance to see how it all fits together. I am rather pleased with how it's come out. Some of the jetties are hot-off-the-printer so I've not yet painted them.

I can see this setup being usable for quite a few games systems. Obviously Blood and Plunder, but also as something to skirmish over in games like Kings of War:Vanguard or Frostgrave. As well of course with historical skirmishes.

What I need to do now is to get a load more Canal walls and wooden jetties printed. I plan to use this in our Blood and Plunder game at the weekend.

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