Tuesday 4 December 2018

Vanguard - Abyssals and Terrain - plus Blaine and Priest

A few weeks ago now the Kings of War Vanguard Kickstarter landed. A lot of it has been put away for Christmas, but I managed to keep the Abyssal Warband, rules and terrain to paint this month.

I've been busy at it and have completed quite a few items. These have already been seen with the photos of the Kings of War display at the Mantic Open Day, but I thought I'd get a few close-up snaps of them on my new display board.

There's also a couple of photos at the end of the new miniatures for my Kings of War Wars of the Roses army. Those being Blaine on dinosaur and an Perry Italian priest I'll be using as a wizard.

The Despoiler

Abyssal Guard


All the models I have available for my Warband right now including some from Kings of War and Dungeon Saga

Ronnie the Bard

The Beacon.
(The flames can be removed)

Standing stones and road sign.

Blaine on dinosaur

Wizard... ;)

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