Sunday 23 December 2018

British 6mm Napoleonic Rebasing Complete

The re-basing of my very old British 6mm Napoleonic Army for Blucher is complete. All the usable units have been removed from their substandard fiddly little bases onto much nicer 60mmx30mm bases. These are primarily for use with the Blücher rules but since I've gone for a fairly standard base size for 6mm Napoleonics they could be used for a variety of rules.

I've also created some unit cards, essential for the "hidden" movement with Blücher and originally intended to be placed under the cards. However I think they detract from the look of the minis so will probably use the numbers I've put on each base to key to a roster for the purposes of tracking the changing statistic each base has in the rules. I could perhaps switch to counters or little dice, I'm not sure. Commander and sub-commanders have been based up and named (in the case of sub-commanders). This gives me just over 200 points, not including the sub-commanders.

I was going to be moving over to paint some French, but instead have decided to paint up a few of the unpainted minis I found: 4 more foot regiments and a regiment of light infantry. That will take me to well over 300 points. Plenty.

I've also been busy at terrain and have found a few items in my search through the loft. I will have to make a lot more!


  1. Oh very, very nice indeed! They look fantastic

  2. Thanks Paul... Some more are ready for painting and I've just ordered my French Army.

  3. they look fantastic, are those heroic and ros miniatures ?

    1. nice i have a few armies from them aswell.

      They tend to be rare nowadays, everyone seems to go for adler & baccus.

    2. Cool. Yes you are quite correct. I'm bucking the trend rather with these. :)