Sunday 30 December 2018

Some 6mm terrain and more Napoleonic British

It was a long, long time ago that I last played 6mm and my terrain collection shows it's age. Pieces of painted cardboard was about the limits of my ability in those days.

With that in mind I've been building up some terrain for use with Blücher. The rules list several types of terrain and the Scharnhost maps give a good guide as to how much of each is needed. To start with I've built up some ploughed fields, rough ground and marshes. All made with filler and various static grass and clump foliage. Woodland Scenics Realistic Water for the marshes and the filler scraped with a saw to make the ploughed fields.

The river sections I used for Flames of War should do nicely for the game. Thinner pieces as minor river and thicker for major, though I will have to find some suitable bridges to use for crossings. There are a few pieces modelled with 15mm scale crossings, they will just have to be missed out. The sections are all from The Baggage Train.

Woods are in the process of being made and I have some polystyrene on order to make hills. Roads and built-up-areas will follow.

In addition I've also add a few brand new units to my British army. These are the first pieces in the new style not to be re-basing of old miniatures. I wanted to check I actually had it in me still to paint 6mm minis. Well I'm completely happy with the results. They're 4 more line infantry units and one light infantry.

When I painted the other units years ago I hand-painted the flags. This has produced good results, but I thought I would try to make them with some decals this time. I found the Warflag site that has a great range of free flag images to download. I resized the images and printed them out on inkjet decal paper. Doing this has been a lot quicker than hand-painting the flags and the detail is a lot crisper. I'll be using this process with my other 6mm armies for sure.

New decal flags

Old hand-painted flags

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