Wednesday, 12 December 2018

6mm Napoleonics... rebasing an old, old, old army.

Many, many, many years ago I got interested in 6mm Napoleonics. I didn't get very deep into it and never really found a set of rules I liked. I've dipped in and looked at rules repeatedly since then, every few years, but never found any that looked like my sort of thing.

Anyway, I've been listening to Tolstoy's War and Peace on Audible for the last few weeks, after watching the superb BBC adaptation on Netflix, and it's got me really, really interested in Napoleonics again. So much so I've actually started in two different scales.

This blog post is about the smaller scale bigger battles that I can get with my old 6mm stuff. After looking around I spotted the Blucher ruleset, and reading it, it really grabbed my interest as having some excellent mechanics and a very modern free-flowing style.

I've been rebasing my 6mm models and have plumped for 60mm x 30mm bases, which seems to be a semi-standard size in 6mm these days. I have created some trial Blucher cards in 60mm x 40mm, that can be used face down for concealed units and then turned right way up with models on top (maybe blu-tac'ed) for revealed units.

The photos below also show how I used to have the models based. I think I have enough in this old army to get a Blucher force going without having to paint any up. A good thing as well, as my interest really is in French vs Russian, not British as these all are.

The painted models are all Heroics and Ros and I actually have a 6mm H&R Russian army still unpainted in it's bags from all those years ago. I will have to get me some French though before starting on those!

I do hope I don't stall with this again and end up leaving it for years and years...