Saturday 10 November 2018

Kings of War Big Game Display at the Mantic Open Day

October was a month without much in the way of wargaming or modelling going on. I visited the WWI battlefields (and Waterloo), sold a lot of stuff, did some re-enacting...

Anyway on to November and it started with something big... Mantic had contacted me and asked if I could put on a large Kings of War display for their Open Day. I did a bit of thinking and accepted.

Anyway today has been that Open Day. With the massive help of the usual suspects at COGS, Andy, Jeff, Steve and of course by son Brendan, the 8ft x 6ft display was a massive success.

With it being a static display and not needing to be played on we could go to town with scenery and fill the table. We had a city on fire, 12 armies, lighting effects, a working windmill, several recent Vanguard releases and loads of trees... yes, lots of trees...

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