Thursday 12 May 2016

Hirst Arts Walkways and Prison Tower

This evening I completed the first batch of the modular walkways I've been making with Hirst Arts fieldstone blocks. They were specifically made to allow accessed to the raised areas I have in my Frostgrave terrain and can be reconfigured in different ways. I'm rather pleased with how they came out.

At the same time I've been building the next Hirst Arts creation. This time its a variation on the Prison Tower from their website, I've used the fieldstone moulds and made the stairs go around the fourth side. This is so that I have plenty of flat areas on the stairs where models can be place. It also had the side-effect of making it a bit taller than the normal version.

Next will be painting it...


  1. They are really coming along nicely, never used Hirst stuff, how long has it taken you to cast and put together the tower?

    1. When I first got the moulds I spent a few nights casting up blocks, maybe 4 or 5 casts in a night.

      Then once I had enough I guess the build took about 3 nights in total. I generally get to work for about 2 hours a night. A lot of that was waiting for the PVA to dry.

  2. Cheers Richard, having never used them its hard to compare with building from rubbish like I do, but sounds like about the same amount of time, just with a different focus.