Monday 9 May 2016

Frostgrave Dungeon game

Tonight at COGS we had three Frostgrave games going. Two were in the classic town of most Frostgrave games, but the third was in the Dungeon I built in the last blog entry.

I played in there against my friend Steve, who thanks to a rod that crumbled walls looked like he'd easily get 3 treasures off before I had chance to do anything. However my Wizard soon despatched his Apprentice with an Elemental Bolt. My Apprentice lined up to do the same in the area his Wizard was exploring.

Unfortunately Steve remembered his Fog spell and filled the passageways so that I had to get in close to deal with him. Unfortunately my Wizard got in too close and found himself surrounded by soldiers.

Being knocked unconscious he succumbed to his blows and my apprentice has been elevated in position. She has hired a new apprentice of her own for future exploration but will forever mourn the loss of her Master.

The game worked really well in the dungeon and it was great to look at as well. We'll be using it again at the next Frostgrave session in a fortnight, but someone else will get to delve into it's depths.


  1. Sumptuous stuff, love the dungeon and the villages look smashing too, must be fun to play on :-)

  2. Yes, it's lovely. Playing in the dungeon gave me a warm feeling inside... Hence so many photos!