Sunday 18 October 2015

Kings of War Big Game Sanctuary 18th October 2015

What a Day!,,,, 24,400 points of models; 18 foot long table; 8 players!

We played with 6 armies a side. On the Good side we had: Elves, Dwarves (2 armies) and Kings of Men (3 armies). On the Evil side: Orcs, Twilight Kin, Undead, Ogres and Nature (2 armies).

There were 6 objectives on the board to go for.

The battle ebbed and flowed with one side gaining the advantage and then the other. We agreed to play to 7 turns and at the end it was a draw. Each side held two objectives, one objective was contested and the remaining objective had no units near it. Another turn could have given Good a victory.

On November 1st we'll be at Hereward Wargames Show in Peterborough for a refight... Come and say hello, or if you want to help out then contact me in advance!


  1. one epic, massive, HUGE game. Lots of fun and great photos. cheers

  2. Wow, big battle! Great to see it happen on such a grand scale!