Sunday 11 October 2015

Brendan's Undead Army. Ready for the Big game next weekend.

We've just finished working on two more units for my son Brendan's Undead army for Kings of War. Another 30 zombies to make the old 1st edition horde up to a 2nd edition legion, and a regiment of revenants.

This will all be ready for the big game we have planned for next weekend at Sanctuary and also the one after on 1st November at the Hereward show in Peterborough.

The Beholder was one of Brendan's birthday presents. I painted up for him with more than my usual care as I knew how much it meant to him. He came up with some rules that we have refined and will be using at the two big games. We wanted something that kept the feel of the original D&D creature. A powerful spell caster, casting multiple spells. Brendan insisted that it should be very hard to kill.

Beholder [1]                                                                       Monster
Unit Size       Sp          Me     Ra     De         At          Ne           Pts
        1             10          4+        -       5+         10         17/21      400

Lightning Bolt (12), Fireball (20), Bane-chant (3), Wind Blast (10), Surge(10), Heal (5),  Multi Spell, Fly, Ensnare, Lifeleech (5), Regeneration (5+), Stealthy, Very Inspiring.                                                                            
Multi spell
The Beholder can cast up to 3 spells in a single turn. Each spell must be different.

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