Saturday 21 February 2015

KoW Elf Army Progress

Some more progress has been made with the Elf Army. A regiment of spears and a troop of scouts. Also I forgot to photograph the Elf King and Mage Queen I got painted for Vapnartak.

Also there are a few denizens of the woods that can join in...


  1. Those are some nice elves you have, sir. How long it takes you to complete a full painted troop?

    1. Thanks! A regiment of 20 takes me about 3 nights, 2 hours per night.

    2. Yith, old chap, I keep checking back - but no new content? Have you packed in the blogging? I hope not as I'm much to lazy to alter my blogroll.

    3. Sorry! I kind of got out of the habit... I keep meaning to post some more!