Sunday 1 February 2015

Big Kings of War game at Vapnartak

Today I had the pleasure of putting on a large Kings of War game at Vapnartak along with a couple of friends. It was short notice as we were filling in for a game that couldn't make it, but with things in progress for the game at Hammerhead later in the month we were able to put on a good show.

On a 11ft x 6ft table we used 2 armies of 5,500 pts each. Fighting for Good there was the Dwarves and Elves along with a large contingent of Kings of Men. For Evil we had Orcs, Undead and Nature. We decided on 6 objective markers and used the same scouting system for deployment we used for the game last December. Again that system worked well and gave us an interesting battle line.

During the day we managed to complete 6 turns each and the game was won by Good who controlled 3 objectives to Evil's 2.

Man of the Match has to go to the Death Chicken/Cockatrice/Basilisk who was the target of almost every shot from the Dwarves cannons and thanks to two snake-eyes nerves rolls was still around at the end of the game with 22 damage on him and able to take on Merlin.

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