Monday 5 January 2015

Dreadball Xtreme

At the end of November I picked up the first part of my Dreadball Xtreme Kickstarter reward from the Mantic Open Day. I managed to have a quick look at it, before most of it was taken away and wrapped for Christmas.

Inbetween then and the 25th I managed to grab a single game with Justin who had managed to arrange not to have his taken from him for wrapping. We had a great game, but I came away with the decision that the models really needed to be painted before we played again.

So when the game arrived at Christmas I very quickly started work on painting it up. I needed to work fast as I also received a load of Mantic Elves and Perry War of the Roses, the former of which I want to include in the big KoW we have planned at Hammerhead 2015 at the end of February.

Anyway the first thing that was painted up was the scenery and then it was on to the Kalyshi team and their sponsor Blaine.

Next up came the other team in the box, the Convicts and their sponsor, the Warden.

He's come out a bit more military and a bit less civilian warden in my version... I also went for the yellow rather than orange uniforms, rather like the convicts in Guardians of the Galaxy (an idea ripped off from someone else)

Of course in Dreadball Xtreme there isn't really two teams as such. Those arrangements are really there for when I hopefully get to use these models in standard Dreadball. No with DBX you build a team up for each match and you can use pretty much any model in the box.

To make this more interesting they've added a load of miscellaneous "Free Agent" players...

So I'm really pleased to have got all this painted. The Free Agents are the first part of my painting oath for January 2015 over on the Mantic Madness Facebook Group. Now they're done I can get on with the main part of my oath, the Elves.

The DBX models all came ready assembled (apart from the Thugs in the Convict Team) and painted up really nicely after very minor mould line removal and a coat of Army Painter primer. The detail was in general good and distinct, apart from the faces on the Yindji and to a less extent the Kalyshi. There were no miscasts and not much warping. What warping there was could be fixed with a dip in boiling water.

I decided not to use the coloured bases and instead ensured that every model was distinct in some way, whether that was a colour variation or a letter or number. The idea being that such things could be noted on the roster. I'd be unable to use the coloured bases when I get around to using my other Dreadball models with DBX anyway as they're already based. 

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