Wednesday 21 January 2015

Blorg Mudstump

When working out my Orc army for Kings of War I became obsessed with finding a suitable giant for it as I'd always wanted to paint a giant. I went through page after page before plumping for Blorg Mudstump (by Reaper of course). He's a large metal 2-piece miniature and I was very happy to get him.

Then I played Kings of War with my Orcs several times before getting them painted. Blorg consistently performed badly, rolling poor numbers of hits and being killed too early. He was rubbish... As a result he didn't get painted.

Fast forward 11 months to now and with several upcoming games at shows I decided to get him painted. I'm pleased I did as well, he's a fantastic miniature and has been a pleasure to paint. He'll look great on the table and be a wonderful magnet for war machine attacks...

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