Sunday 18 January 2015

Kings of War Elf Army - Bowman Regiment

Next in my elf army for Kings of War is the first regiment of bowmen.

I've followed the same colour scheme as the bolt throwers and scouts, but this time I had to do some shields.

There are a lot of shields on the Mantic Elves and they are a distinctive part of the miniature. There is little to no pattern on the sculpt so I had two choices really. Find a quick and effective design to hand paint on or find a transfer.

After the massive success of transfers with my Normans I decided that this was the way to go. However I couldn't find any available to suit my needs.

I decided that this was time to try making my own waterslide transfers. There are two options when it comes to those: white backed or transparent. I decided on the latter as it would allow my image to blend into the painting behind. The disadvantage being that I would have to go with a dark image.

Since my army is themed around dragons (I will paint some of those later) I found a simple dragon motif and after some editing on the computer printed a few lines of them onto some A4 transfer paper I bought from eBay. After a quick spray of Army Painter Anti-Shine, I cut one out and put it into water.

To my pleasure the transfer worked perfectly as advertised and slid onto the shields without problem. With a bit a matt varnish over the top they blend in and look hand-painted.

I'm very pleased with the how this unit has come out, which is great as I have quite a few more like it to paint!

Here are all the units so far together in one photo...

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