Sunday 21 December 2014

COGS Kings of War Big Game Dec 2014

Today was the COGS/GCN bash at the Sanctuary Gaming Centre. We'd been wanting to play a big game for some time and this was our chance. We managed to put together around 9500 points per side with Dwarves, Nature and Men versus Undead, Orcs and Twilight Kin.

We worked out that we could put together two of the 4ft x 12ft tables and make an interesting table shape that would still allow us to reach the middle. Rather than deploying straight along the sides facing each other I designed some setup rules that included an initial patrol phase before deployment. The full rules for this are here: Kings of War Big Game Rules What this meant was that the armies faced off on an interesting sweep across the board with each side flanked by the other at the ends of the battlefield.

The battle started with the Good side advancing towards an objective in the centre. Evil advanced more slowly but a flurry of Balefire Catapult shots put paid to a unit of Knights. The rest of the Knights faced off against many undead units and were surprised when a total of 6 necromancers and vampires Dark Surged a zombie horde from far back in to hit some knights in the flank as they were charged in the front by the Orc general on his winged slasher.

The Dwarves held a battle line behind a river with war engines and missile troops holding the Twilight Kin at bay on the other side all through the game. The Twilight Kin had two objectives to the Dwarves one on that flank and decided to stay back and hold them rather than face the Dwarves, so that flank of the battle stalemated through most of the game. The Dwarf gun-line was closer to the action and brought down an Abyssal Fiend after several rounds of fire.

On the other flank the Forces of Nature charged the Orc forces. However the Orcs successfully held them off as they struggled to get into good positions due to a pond which blocked their charge routes. However finally some earth elementals after a long slog managed to contest the objective on that flank.

In centre the Kings of Men kept pushing forward, but the undead hordes just kept on coming back. Then the Twlight Kin leader on his dragon arrived in the centre and all looked lost....

But at this very same point we ran out of time and it was down to counting objectives. Of the 10 objectives in total the Good side held 4 objectives, the Evil side also held 4. It was a draw! The Good side counted their blessings and thought themselves lucky. There was certainly more of the Evil forces remaining on the battlefield than Good.

The full set of photos can be found here: Photo Album

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  1. Great game. Best moment was the Donkey splat (unicorn) from a well placed Balefire rock.