Saturday 10 January 2015

Kings of War Elf Army - Bolt Throwers

My project for the first part of 2015 is an Elf army for Kings of War. I'd like to get some of this ready for use at the game we have planned at the Hammerhead show at the end of February.

I've collected around 2000 points of models so far concentrating on core regiments of Spearmen and Bowmen, with a couple of troops of Scouts and a couple troops of Drakons as fast troops, along with some Bolt Throwers. I'll also re-use the Forest Shamblers and Treeman from my Force of Nature Army.

You'll note I have no cavalry. This is because I've not too keen on elves on horses and my theme is a force of elves from a wooded and mountainous region where horses are not so useful.

With that in mind I've gone for a autumnal theme with greens, yellows and browns. I've started off with the three bolt throwers as these gave me chance to try out the colours without committing to too many troops at one time.

These are now complete...

Next up is the first troop of scouts, You can see them just at the top of the photo.

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