Sunday 13 December 2020

OpenLOCK City Gatehouse - More Progress

I've been progressing with my Gatehouse this week. 

I've managed to get the Portcullis mechanism completed and working. I designed this in FreeCad and Tinkercad.

I've also printed and painted furniture for all the floors. This is all just blu-tacked in place so stays where I want it, but can be moved around in the future. After all the building itself can actually be broken down into it's component parts and reconfigured so it would be odd not to allow the same with the furniture.

Also I have progressed with the base boards for the gatehouse and wall that allow it to act as a transition between the Terraformers boards for the countryside and the TT-Combat boards for the city. These were designed in FreeCad to match both sets, though magnetised like the Terraformers boards, and then 3d printed. I had to split each 1ft x 1ft board into 4 to fit on my print bed. I used several ends of filament rolls hence the varied colours. 

I've started the process of putting the texturing on top by first of all marking the edges of the walls, buildings with picture framing card. These will help ensure that the walls are located correctly when put in position. It would have been too hard to ensure this was correct at the CAD stage.

The next step is to apply some sculptamold to add texture.


  1. You have an incredible blog! Outstanding work also!
    It has been hijacked and posted on The Miniatures Page without the slightest courtesy of adding the name.
    The poster, Tango01 has been asked repeatedly by other TMP members as well as bloggers to credit the blog by name. This request has been ignored by both him and the owner of TMP.