Sunday 10 January 2021

28mm City, Countryside, Mine and Dungeon Combined

After combining my medieval city with my countryside boards I decided that the next stage was to combine the dungeon boards in as well. The way I've chosen to do this is with a mine.

I've been planning to do this for a while and have had the bits needed, Terra-Formers, Mantic "Abandoned Mine" set, etc. However with 3D printing now possible I changed this a bit. Instead of the Mantic mine set I've decided to print the OpenLock mine set from Printable Scenery. This is based on the same 1" square system as my dungeon and so fits in well. It's also infinitely expandable, I just have to print more pieces and clip them on!

I've made a Terra-Former board with the mine entrance on it and a hole at the back for the tunnels to come out and join onto the dungeon. This I have magnetised.

I've set up all the areas for these photos, but my dining room table is nowhere near big enough to get the whole lot out. This is just a small 6ft x 3ft section of the whole 15ft x 3ft board I think I can do with all that I have now. I really need a public show to display and use all this... Lets hope there's chance in 2021!

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