Saturday 11 April 2020

Prussian III Corps at Leipzig in 1813

This year I've mostly been building my 6mm scale Prussian army up for 1813. I was wanting to be able to do the whole of the campaign in that year using Sam Mustafa's Blücher rules.

I initially started using The Wargaming Company's "We Shall Meet in Vienna" campaign book to organise my troops and some units were painted using that as a guide. Later on I've been using the order of battle from the Old Meldrum Wargames Group's Leipzig scenario. As such some of my units don't 100% match up with that, though only in facings and flag details.

At Leipzig the Prussian troops were split primarily into three corps, as they were through much of 1813.  The Third Corps was commanded by Bülow.

The III Corps is split into three infantry brigades, a cavalry reserve and corps artillery. The photo below shows all of these.

The entire III Corps for Leipzig
The first of the infantry brigades is the 3rd Brigade under Hesse-Homburg.

Like the other two brigades, this consists in Blücher of a line infantry unit, a reserve infantry unit and a landwehr infantry unit. As with the other brigades the corps the reserve infantry are actually wearing British supplied uniforms in Prussian Blue.

The front view of 3rd Brigade

The rear view of 3rd Brigade

Next up is the 5th Brigade under von Schoon. Again 3 bases: line, reserve and landwehr.

Note I've included both rear and front photos of the models. Whilst doing my research it became apparent that people don't think to photo the rear of their models. I'm making sure I don't make the same mistake!

The front view of 5th Brigade

The rear view of 5th Brigade

The third and last infantry brigade is the 6th under Kraft. 

Again as with the others the landwehr and reserve bases are right, but the line base was painted earlier and isn't actually the correct unit. Flag, and facings are not quite right.

The front view of 6th Brigade

The rear view of 6th Brigade

The flags are generally transfers I made myself using the images from Warflags. Except that is for the "Black Cross" which I had problems with and had to hand paint.

Next up is the Reserve Cavalry under Oppen. This consists of one each of Hussar, Dragoon and Landwehr Cavalry base along with some horse artillery. The unit markings are all correct on these.

The front view of the Reserve Cavalry

The rear view of the Reserve Cavalry

Finally the Corps artillery. This consists of a heavy (position) artillery base and a foot artillery base. 

In the Prussian range from Heroics and Ros there is only one artillery pack, these all have the same gun. I noticed however that the gun in the limbers was different, so I've used those as heavy artillery. I have no idea if they're right. To be honest I can barely see them at this scale without my magnifier anyway.

For Leipzig there should also be a Russian heavy artillery base. I have plenty of those in my Russian army and will use one of those should I ever actually get around to playing Leipzig.

The front view of the Corps Artillery

The rear view of the Corps Artillery

In addition to the books and sites already mentioned I found the following very useful for research:

So that's III Corps. I do also have I Corps and II Corps almost complete, which will hopefully be in a follow-up post.