Friday 17 April 2020

1813 French Conscript Infantry aka Marie-Louises

I've just completed my first French Infantry specific to 1813 (and 1814). These are the conscript infantry raised quickly at the start of the year and nicknamed Marie-Louises after the Empress.

In order to distinguish them from my other French Infantry I've used the models with greatcoats, a common approach used by wargamers from what I can see.

I'll have to do a load more of these...

Next up is the rather interesting Marine Artillery Regiments...


  1. Excellent job, imprssive "effet de masse!"

  2. These guys look great, love the total look!

    Say... did you ever think of not giving them straight lines.... sort of stagger them to show they don’t March so well? Just a thought! They make me think of all the marching I did at OTS about... well over 30 years ago! We started out bad but got pretty good at the end!

    I’m also amazed at the miracle of the small legible lettering in the lower right corners! That’s amazing! How did you do that?!

    1. Thanks again for the very king comments!

      I didn't think of doing that with infantry. Though I do do it with cavalry, to represent the differences between light and heavy cavalry for instance. I guess with the troops already nicely lined up 5 to a base it would be loads of extra work to mess there lines up! There was a lot of these to do. I just finished another 11 bases of them.

      As a re-enactor I still do quite a bit of marching. I'm at far left, rear rank on this video from the only event we managed this year.

      The writing is all hand painted with 000 Windsor and Newton Series 7 brush. My painted writing is significantly neater than my normal handwriting these days!