Tuesday 31 December 2019

French Army for Blücher Completish

So to round off my "completed" Blücher armies we have last, but certainly not least, the French. You can't really have Napoleonics without Napoleon's army!

This is the largest army I've made so far and unlike the others it's definitely going to get larger. I've got quite a few packs of troops left unpainted!

As with the others these are all Heroics and Ros in 6mm on 60mm x 30mm bases. They're organised for the 1812 Invasion and Retreat from Russia, but will also be used for the 1813 campaign, with additions as appropriate.

On the front row from left to right, we have Davout's I Corps, Oudinot's II Corps, Ney's III Corps, Eugene's Italian IV Corps and Poniatowski's Polish V Corps. At the back there's the Imperial Guard and the 3rd Reserve Cavalry Corps.

So with those completed I've already started with my 1813 Prussians. For the first time I'm actually keeping track of how I'm painting them with photos. This should mean that the next few posts will be a short series concerning getting them from ziplock bag to table ready.


  1. So when it come to basing what numbers are you using per base etc.

    1. It depends on the formation. That's the key really. But between 28 and 35 generally.

      In the British and French my formations are not that realistic really, with the Russians I did a bit more research into where each person would stand.

      Of course it's all rough arrangements based on where I think they should go.

      I have plans to discuss my organisation in detail with my Prussians in future posts.

  2. great idea, i look forward to those posts about the prussians and your organisation