Monday 30 December 2019

Russian 1812 Army for Blücher Complete (for now)

So next up on my run through of my "completed" Blücher armies is my 1812 Russians. To add more will mean I'll have to buy more models. For once I've actually run out!

The 1812 invasion of Russian was the reason for moving to do 6mm Napoleonics. I'd just finished reading (ok, listening to) War and Peace after also massively enjoying the BBC production of the same and I was very, very interested in the 1812 campaign. Everything else in my Napoleonic interest had just been leading up to this...

The British Army in my previous post I had painted a few of years and years ago, but many of these Russians had been sat unpainted in their packets since then. I think I'd even attempted to sell them a few times. I'm glad I hadn't managed to do so!

Again they're all from Heroics and Ros in 6mm and the original box of troops has been supplemented with quite a bit more. They're organised for the Vyazma battle with additional units added for other parts of the 1812 Russian Army. Each base represents a brigade and again measures 60cm x 30cm.

There are three basic Corps, II, III and IV with cavalry detachments for II and IV for Vyazma. Additionally there are Militia and Cossack Corps. Rounding it off are the two Cuirassier Divisions. All the commanders and sub-commanders for Blücher are also modelled.

There is of course room for more. Unlike the British Peninsular army in the last post the Russian Army of 1812 was huge with several different army groups etc. Moving on to 1813 next will mean I have to think hard about how to make best use of this force. Maybe some units will have to be re-assigned, maybe I'll have to paint more!

Next up with be the French.


  1. Working on these myself, so nice to see a project like this completed.

    1. Would love to see yours. Got any photos?

    2. Richard, some pics are up here:

    3. Looking good there! Thanks for sharing!