Saturday 14 April 2018

Gaslands - More Cars and a Family Death Race!

More Hotwheels and Matchbox cars have been through the Gaslands chop shop having weapons and drivers and other modifications from Ramshackle GamesS&S Models, and hendarxxiii on eBay.

Scrabbling through old flames of war scenery and cheap deals on plastic cars on ebay has produced plenty of terrain.

Enough cars have now been made that today we had our first Heath Family Death Race. It was a great game with the whole family involved. My 7-year-old daughter romped in with first place with her Lotus, her Mummy in second and my 11-year-old son in 3rd. I was the only one not to cross the finish line my son managing to blow both my cars to smithereens with his turret mounted MG.

The contestants lined up on the Start line.

The race is to be run around an old railway line in the desert.

Cars jockey for position to cross the first gate

The lotus drops oil as it speeds into the lead.

My latest conversions and repaints

Getting the working lights in the Screamliner was harder than expected, but I'm happy.

My daughter's winning Lotus that I repainted/converted for her.

My son did his own Pickup Truck and Buggy.


  1. Your cars look spot on Richard, nicely painted :-)

    1. Thanks! I've got more to do yet... lots more, lol. :)